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I have a love of history--especially in the way that people used to live.  I'm hoping to pass that love along to others in the form of translating old receipts (the old-fashioned term for recipes, ask your grandparents) into modern-day recipes that can live on in our modern kitchens.  I plan to cover a vast time span, from the 1600s up to around 1900 (right around the turn of the 20th century is when measurements for cooking and baking became standardized, and so there is no need to update them).

Food has been, and continues to be, the center of the home.  Families come together around a good, home-cooked meal, special events are celebrated with food, and of course, we need food to survive.  I've found that some foods from the past tastes different than our modern-day recipes, while other foods have been the same for centuries.  Sometimes it's a pleasant surprise, and sometimes the results are not so pleasant.  I have been a living history interpreter for an 1840s farm, and have cooked on an antique cast-iron cookstove for three or four years, and have tried my share of good and bad recipts.  Regardless of the outcome, I promise it'll be fun!  Join me for a this adventure, won't you? 

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