Cooking References

I'll keep this page for relevant information and references, such as definitions.

Oven Temperatures for Cook Stoves and Bake Ovens:
Very Slow Oven: Below 300F
Slow Oven: 300F
Moderately Slow Oven: 325F
Moderate Oven: 350F
Moderately Hot Oven: 375F
Quick Oven: 375-400F
Hot Oven: 400-425F
Very Hot Oven: 450-475F
Extremely Hot Oven: 500F or more

Measuring references:
1 Pint=2 Cups=16 fluid ounces
1 TBSP butter= .5 ounces butter 

Saleratus: Baking soda (sometimes baking powder)--determined by the amount of acid in a recipe.  For example, if the recipe requires sour milk, baking soda should be used.  If there is no acidic ingredients, baking powder can be used.

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